Hennessy Art of Blending Tour Video

Client: Hennessey
Agency: Relevent

Hennessy knows a thing or two about blending. Blending cognac, that is. To lend a hand with blending hip hop, they turned to the experts: Q-Tip and the Roots. The tour followed these hip hop demigods to six cities around the U.S. as they blended with their friends and artists, on stage and off. It was all part of the Art of Blending tour.

Relevent asked Mohawk to capture all the electrifying magic. We produced 100% of the video for the entire six-city tour, from the live-stream to the event recaps to the docu-style backstage footage.

With a three-camera live-stream to IMAG screens during each performance, enhanced with a 25-foot crane camera and an all-access behind-the-scenes shooter, Hennessy elevated the bar.

Mohawk controlled pre-production, production, crane, live-stream, live-edit with tri-caster, online/offline edit.

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