Our goal is simple. Make great stuff, meet great people, and have fun along the way.

We are a small but plucky band of design, film, and technology lovers. First and foremost, we fancy ourselves as storytellers.

Our mission is to create inspiring, indelible experiences. Making someone look twice, think again, and long remember something special — that’s why we love what we do.

Branded content and web series, websites and applications, videos and apps, social campaigns and experiential marketing, sophisticated back-end platforms — these are the sorts of endeavors we’ve had fun dreaming up with our amazing clients. We’d love to work with you too.

Where we come from

Mohawk was born out of our original endeavor: InTheMO.com, a start-up designed to redefine and personalize local search with video. We traveled the world, met some sensational people, worked long into the night and had a blast. We shot nearly 4,000 videos in over 87 cities worldwide, befriending locals everywhere along the way.

All of the content we were turning out started to turn some heads, and before we knew it we were being approached to work on some truly amazing projects. You name it, we’ve done it . And on every project, we’ve stayed dedicated to telling stories and creating enjoyable experiences.

Our Essence

Storytelling is an art. Its legacy has been passed down as long as history itself. Our goal at Mohawk is to uphold this tradition. We tell stories large and small. Funny and serious. Cinematically and digitally. Stories about haunted houses, yogurt, toy makers, shoes, laptops, apparel, booze, and on and on.

Whether we’re building digital platforms or producing a web series, the story is at the core of everything we do.