Chobani Web Video Series

Client: Chobani
Agency: Gotham

The recent popularity of Chobani is undeniable. Ad Agency Gotham wanted to translate their success into the large container market. Mohawk was brought in the fold to produce a web series, starring Chef Jason, to help inspire a little imagination in kitchens all across America.

We set out to show real people how easy it is to cook with Chobani. Starring one of Chobani’s main chefs, the episodes focused on three different markets — a dinner party scenario for adults, a summer camp scenario for moms, and a bakery scenario for aspiring chefs and lovers of sweets.

Mohawk captured the versatility of Chobani’s yogurts and helped personalize their brand with real-world situations and authentic people. Mohawk handled the production, offline/online editing, music, and 2D animation.

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